Fall Energetics

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Dear friends,

As we are in the energy of the fall Equinox, I would like to share a little about the prevailing energetic movements and inductions.

In the fall, it’s quite normal to feel slower, to feel one’s focus moving inward. The luminosity decrease is shortening the days and lengthening the nights to the degree of half day and half night. This is an invitation to begin to move inwards, the introspection upon all the precious gifts and lessons life has offered us in the way of experience. Some these gifts we will keep, bringing them into our depths, into our essential selves and some we will discard as they are not essential.

This increase in darkness, and the coming cool and damp weather we will soon experience is an invitation of Mother Earth and Father Sky to interiorize, to “fall” inward. It is the fall from the graces of summer. In the summer, we are offered and induced with the maximum Light and heat which creates upward expansion, quickens the movement and induces us into joy and frolicking – upward and expansive movement. In the fall we move inward. This can feel unpleasant, there’s pain within our depths. Moving inwards is unpleasant only to the degree that we resist this movement inward.

Surrending is invariably the key. We can surrender when we know deeply that this pain we encounter within our depths is in fact NOT who we Really Are. When we shine the Light of our awareness upon the pain without becoming the pain, it can all dissolve within the universal solvent – Awareness – Consciousness

This process is healing! 😀

Being naturally induced inward is the benevolent and physiological movement of sadness, nostalgia and longing. These emotional states in and of themselves are physiological and healthy, they only become problematic when we hold onto them, thinking that this is who we are – when they remain stagnant within our Being. Although these emotions may seem like “bad” in fact, they are benevolent because we must look back at the year and see what has transpired in our lives. To look inside and see what we have created, our relationships, what we have thought, believed, said and done to others, what people have thought, said and done to us and how we CHOOSE to feel about those words, feelings, emotions and actions; how we define ourselves, the world and the people of our world; we always have the choice to redefine our perpectives, definitions and beliefs. Being the chooser is exercising our sovereignty our freedom to choose everything according to our conscious desires.

As everything is recorded within our Being, we are invited inwards within the depth of our ocean by the climactic elements of cold and damp and decreased luminosity that induce contractive interiority. In essence the Fall Elements within which we are bathed in, are inviting us to truly take stock of all that has transpired this past year. An invitation to apply the scales of justice, so that we may only keep that which is most essential, that which we prefer and let go of that which no longer serves us, at this moment.

All of nature is engaged in moving inwards during the fall, we need only look at what the trees are doing to verify this. After the tree has spent the winter in latent-dormancy, it awakens in the spring and intensely grows shoots and leaves, becoming a prolific and unique expressive contribution to the forest’s canopy in the space of just a couple of weeks. Then in the summer the tree grows flowers (expression of lush expansion) and fruit (expression of abundance and fruition) at the end of the summer. When the fall comes around the tree takes stock of all that she has produced throughout the growing seasons. With wisdom, clarity, righteousness and discernment she draws within herself only the most essential of all that she has created throughout the growing seasons. With her precious essence tucked safely within her, she denudes herself in righteous transparency of her glorious dress of leaves; she lets go of all that no longer serves her; that which is not essential self.

In essence we are invited to let go of; who we think we are, who others would like us to be, who we would like to be and who others would like us to be.
Giving rise to the expression of who we Really Are – I Am Presence.

What I am in the process of learning more and every year is to fully feel all that I am feeling; the full spectrum of emotions, to embrace them with unconditional love, welcoming and acceptance of myself and all who are involved. Paying careful attention not to look away, not to put aside and not resist; the pain, hurt, betrayal, sadness, anger, insecurity, fear ect – who we are NOT.

The art I am learning to perfect is the art of feeling the pain, as exquisite as it is, without sufferance. Pain and sufferance are distinct and not intrinsically linked together. We can feel all the pain and CHOOSE to not suffer.

Pain and pleasure are indeed real sensations but sufferance is a choice. Choosing to not suffer through pain allows us to be able to deeply feel all that we feel.
In the Eternal Now moment there is pleasure and pain, but there is no sufferance, sufferance is a choice.

Humbly, this is my experience.
Love Michael